Renaissance and Roses

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire and the Pasadena Tournament of Roses® announce Renaissance and Roses. The Renaissance Pleasure faire in Irwindale, CA will showcase period craft work at Rose bowl.

event info provided by The Pleasure Faire

The Tournament of Roses Expo Village offers a chance to behold the parade floats as they are decorated for the upcoming Tournament of Roses Parade®. Be the first to see the intricate grain, seed and floral work carried out by hundreds of decorators.


This year, outside the viewing area, the Faire will be hosting Craft Workshops on silk screening, leather working, etc. in the Expo Village area. Additionally, a stage will be a flurry with several of our most popular acts.

Craft workshops and stage performances will be scheduled throughout the following days and hours:

December 28th: 9 am – 4 pm
December 29th: 10 am – 4 pm
December 30th: 8 am – 4 pm
December 31st: 8 am – noon

~ by Chris on December 27, 2009.

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