Auditions: Barataria Faire

Looks like people are back at work and ready to start faire. This is the third audition notice I’ve posted today. All for this weekend.

When: Jan 9th set an appointment
Where: 1223 S National Ave, Springfield MO 65804

Auditions will be in 30 minute increments with a lunch break at noon.

They are improv, you will simply interact as your character with current cast members at the auditions.

Auditions will be open and located at 1223 S National Ave, Springfield MO 65804.

If you can not make it this weekend there is one more round of auditions on Saturday Jan 30th.

Appointments will be made by email only; please email eric AT the following information:

Real Name:
Contact phone #:
Character name (or role):
Brief Character description:
Requested Day and Time of Audition:

Auditions will be posted on a first come, first serve basis. If your requested time is not available you will be contacted to reschedule. So you may want to include any times you are absolutely not available.

Appointments are not entirely necessary, if you’d like to just show up and wait, feel free, we’ll work you in, and will also have the above information on forms to fill out on-site.

So if you leave near enough to Springfield, Missouri to come and play with us please do! We have cast members coming iin from Kansas City and St Louis!

Audition forms are uploaded in the files section of the Yahoo group. If you’re not a member, feel free to go here to join:

There is one more round of auditions on Saturday Jan 30th


~ by Chris on January 4, 2010.

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