2009 Year in review

2009 year in review or where we’ve been.

The first event of 2009 was ConNooga. This was only the second year of the fandom convention in Chattanooga. It’s a three day Con but we were only there one day. We attended some panels and did some shopping. ConNooga

In April we attended The Dragon Days Renaissance faire in Cookeville, TN. Dragon Days is a second year festival in the hills of Tennessee. It is at an old recreational park. The park is beautiful with lots of whimsy.Dragon days

May means its time for The Tennessee Renaissance Festival. This was one of the wettest Mays on record. On Opening Day the parking lot turned into a mud pit and many cars had to be assisted by a tractor. Over night a few trees fell inside the festival grounds. And the ground was so soaked that your foot would sink into it. So for only the second or third time in faire’s 24 year history the festival didn’t open on Sunday.

Word was sent via phone and internet. Announcements were made on Myspace and Facebook. The rain continued for the next couple weeks. They rearranged some of the parking areas.

There were a few changes at the festival this year. The cast put on a stage play of Romeo and Juliette. The Pickle Brothers Sideshow Made a guest appearance. And the festival added a new dance troupe, Rashaka, The festival moved some of the food vendors to relieve congestion.

The final weekend was beautiful weather. Sadly it just felt like faire began as it was ending. On Memorial Day weekend, the Festival hosts the Gath Of Baal International Jousting Tournament.

Capt Stoutl

June meant a return to The Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival. Albannach were guests for two weekends.

October saw the birth of a new festival. Fantasy Fest for The Doors of Mainstarsse(see images here was on Oct 3 with a ball afterwards. The festival celebrated the fairy doors that can be found in the home and businesses of Mainstrasse in Covington, KY.


We closed the season at The Alabama Renaissance Faire. This faire is a community project and is a big event for the area. Alabama 2009
Menagri at ALRF

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