2001 Ren faire year review

As part of the tenth year of Renaissance Faire Pictorial, I’m recounting each year of the site.

In 2001 I only visited the Tennessee Renaissance Festival but my web site grew. For TN RF I shoot my favorite shows, the Chess Match, the Joust and To the Hilt. I was also able to shoot rehearsals. The festivals story was the Purple Pumpernickle. Covington Glen’s taxes
have not reached the royal coffers for the past three years. The daring Purple Pumpernickel
has been stealing the taxes. King Henry VIII and George Silver have come to apprehend the highwayman.
The Purple pumpernickle
To the Hilt
Site updates for 2001
In 2001 I added The emotions page which was a page of funny face made during faire. I also added as many links on faires as I could find, listing other festivals I could not attend with countdowns to the shows.
I also received Sir Clisto’s Award for web site excellence. It was a “growing” year for the site. I was still using film but that would soon change.
Tennessee Renaissance Festival 2001

Behind the scene at ren faire


~ by Chris on April 4, 2010.

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