2002 Ren Faire Year Review

As part of the tenth year of Renaissance Faire Pictorial, I’m recounting each year of the site. Which festivals I visited and the major changes made to Renaissance Faire Pictorial that year.

Tennessee Renaissance Festival 2002
The story this year was the trial of Anne Boleyn.
Naughty Nymphs sing bawdy songs
I got my first point and shoot digital camera late 2001. This is was the first faire I used it. I shoot more of the faire as a result.
Human Chessmatch at TN Renaissance Festival

Alabama Renaissance Faire 2002
The story for the Chess Match was Peter Pan verses Hook.
Years ago Captain Hook and his pirate crew seized control of Neverland. He banished Peter Pan and the Lost Boys from the magical Isle.
lost boys
There are not as many images of bama this year because I didn’t back up the files. So remember to back up BEFORE you do any thing else.
Fairy Sleeping
I added a
Fairy Section this year due to the high level of interest. It began as just more pics of fairies from various faire but not has it’s own calendar and fairy feat pictorials. It remains one of the highest visited parts of the site.


~ by Chris on April 7, 2010.

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