House MD update

More news on House at the Renaissance Festival.
Ren Faire & HOUSE!
The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is happy to have provided background performers, costumes and props for a special episode of HOUSE.
Watch this highly acclaimed and award-winning television series on Monday, April 19th at 8:00PM/7PM on FOX, and then come out to the Faire the following weekend to see our faire performers in person!

The episode “Knight Fall” features
House (Hugh Laurie) and his team treating a noble knight.
Directed by 2010 Academy Award winner Juan José Campanella.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire


~ by Chris on April 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “House MD update”

  1. …and we who own the permanent shop buildings at Koroneburg European Renaissance Village, which is where the filming took place are happy to see a little bit of our own in the episode. Thanks to those from Southern for enjoying the atmosphere while on site.

  2. Where all the festival scenes filmed at Koroneburg? I was there several years ago. Great festival very welcoming folks. I’ll have to rewatch the show.

  3. Aye…or should I say “Ja”, ’tis the only permanent Renaissance village in SoCal…sit-down restaurant and full bar still intact. We’re on year 13 at the same site, and our opening weekend is May 8 (runs through mid June). The joust arena looks fantastic in the “House” episode (most of the exterior shots were fast pans, closeups….). You know, a goodly number of us were once Southerners….always good to see their highly recognizable selves sauntering in after their season is done.

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