25 for 25~Craig Of Farrington

Photo #20 ❖ 5 days till opening gate.

Craig of farrington
From 2008 ❖ Craig Of Farrington ‘salute
Craig is a balladeer. He wanders the festival grounds singing ballads to couples. He also does a stage show with many festival favorites. He takes requests and has been know to sing the Parting Glass(for his Bristol Wi fans) and Health to the company at his last show of the day.
It took me awhile to find this shot cause it never made it online. As I reviewed my photos I found a whole page of musicians that I never uploaded. I had the page formatted, the images placed, I had uploaded music page one and had planned to post page two the next day but I never did so here are The lost Bards of 2008.


~ by Chris on April 26, 2010.

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