Renspace is back

Renspace has returned a note from Bill, the rensapce admin.

Sorry for the note, but we wanted to let you know that after a week or so (since the 24th actually) of wrangling is back on the air once again. Everything is still intact and in place as it was before.

It has gotten to the point however that it’s a good time to ask if there’s a good time to see what the RenSpace community would like to do moving forward. The current incarnation of the site exists at a service called OneSite and it’s a hosted service that’s fairly closed and not able to be expanded/improved upon, we know there’s been growing pains over the years with speed and new functionality which has kept the network from being as useful/convenient as might have been hoped.

So there’s a few choices before us – we leave it all as it is in its current form and enjoy it as is. We move to a new network one that users/admins from the community could help build and expand on – but would require people to migrate whatever photos/posts/etc that exist on the old site to the new one (we would leave the old onsite up for a time so people could move things over to the new network) – however we would pre-load all current users/user names into the new network to preserve people’s namespaces. Or we close up RenSpace and all migrate off to facebook and points beyond.

Again we want to apologize for the outage over the past week or so and any inconvenience and annoyances it might have caused.

Please let us know what you think, any additional ideas/suggestions you might have – this space is after all meant to be Your Network for the Ren community.

Best regards,


~ by Chris on May 6, 2010.

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