Voting is open for the 2010 Renaissance Festival Awards

Renaissance festival podcast has opened voting for the 2010 Renaissance Festival awards. Drop by and vote for favorite acts, jousters, festival, and more.

“Do you have a favorite entertainment group that performed at a Renaissance faire near you? Is there a band on the podcast that you absolutely love? What’s your favorite Renaissance festival? And vendor?”

“Once a year, we compile a list of the most-popular Renaissance Festival performers currently performing at Renaissance faires. From now until December 31, 2010, you can vote for your favorites at faire. Then we will tally up the votes and compile a podcast to be released in February featuring all of your favorite groups of 2010”.
– Renaissance Festival Awards site

Best Faire Photography is one of the categories. I’d appreciate your support of Renaissance Faire in that category. This year I’ve visited several festivals with plans to visit the Alabama Ren faire next week. please visit my 2010 galleries.

Celtic Country Faire
Tennessee Renaissance Festival
Tn Renaissance Festival
Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival
Faerie Escape
Wee Fairy Folk

Vote at Renaissance festival music

Thank you.

~ by Chris on October 16, 2010.

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