Auditions: Bristol Renaissance Faire

Auditions for the 2011 Bristol Renaissance Faire

When: Feb 26-27

Where: Radisson Hotel and Conference Center located at 11800 108th Street – Pleasant Prairie, WI

Format: Everyone wishing to audition must contact us via email to schedule a date and session.
(NOTE: If you wish to audition for Fight Cast – you must do so in the Sunday morning session and be able to stay for the 1/2 hour fight audition session at 1:00 pm)
Before scheduling a session time, have the following information ready:
Preferred date/session – your choices are Session Sat – AM, Afternoon or Evening or Sun – AM or Afternoon
Your full name, full address, phone and email address.
Your full birthdate.
The troupe, guilde, or position you wish to audition for.
(Note: you may choose “open audition”; you don’t need to choose one in the list.)

To schedule an audition or if you have questions about auditioning, please e-mail the Assistant Entertainment Coordinator at brf2011auditions At yahoo(dot)com. You may also call us at 847-395-7773 ext. 231 – the most effective and efficient manner of contacting us is via email.

Everyone who auditions must have a head-shot (or a recent picture of your face), a performance resume, and a copy of your photo identification on the day of auditions.** They will be kept on file, so please do not bring a photo or copy of the ID that you cannot leave with us.**

Be prepared: Every performer auditioning should be prepared to sing (all performers must sing at some time, usually as a group so please don’t let this stop you from auditioning) and do acting improvisation exercises. Be prepared to spend up to three hours at the audition location. Note: Your song may be absolutely anything of your choosing – from Happy Birthday to your favorite operatic piece.

Event dates: July 9- Sept 5(labor day)

Many More Details at Bristol’s site Please visit the site for a wealth of information on the audition process and requirements.

~ by Chris on January 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Auditions: Bristol Renaissance Faire”

  1. I wish to audition on Feb 26th or 27th as a singer do I need to send the head shot prior to the audition?

    • Hi Linda.
      This blog is not an official site for the Bristol ren faire. I post info for many festivals. However I will email them for an answer.

      You can also check Bristol’s site There is an extensive page of audition information.
      To schedule an audition or if you have questions about auditioning, please e-mail the Assistant Entertainment Coordinator at brf2011auditions@

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