Festival Calendar * April 2011

I run a Festival Calendar on my site with general information on the festivals in the southern United States. I include other interesting festivals from across the U.S. As part of the blog I will make a post of what festivals run each month. Faires are usually Weekend only events some faires will open for holiday weekends. Check my calendar or the festival web site for more details. I also have calendars for mutigenre Conventions, fairy and pirate festivals.

April 2011 Events

April 16 – June 5 2011
The Georgia Renaissance Festival
Fairburn, Ga


April 22-24 2011
Louisville, KY

April 22 – 24 2011
MTAC, Middle Tennessee Anime Convention
Nashville, TN

Fairy Festivals

April 16 2011
Spring Fairie Festival
Tacoma, WA

April 29- May 1 2011
Spoutwood Fairie Festival
Glen Rock, PA

Continuing from March

March 5 – April 24 2011
Four Winds Renaissance Faire
Tyler, Texas

Feb 13- March 28 2011
Bay Area Ren Fest
Tampa, FL

This calendar lists faires and festivals from the south east US. For information on others faires visit Faire Folk or Renaissance Festival. Information is as up to date as possible Please check Official sites for more details.


~ by Chris on April 1, 2011.

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