ALRF 25 for 25th ~ Menagerie Music

The twenty-fifth season of the Alabama Renaissance Faire is just weeks away. To celebrate the Silver Anniversary I’m counting down till festival weekend with a post a day reflecting back on the history of the faire.

Photo #2 ❖ 23 days till opening gate.

From 2007 ❖ Lisa of Menagerie Music

From 2005 ❖ John of Menagerie Music

Menagerie has been a staple of the festival for many years. You can hear their Hammered Dulcimer and guitar from anywhere on the faire site. Their music and humor are delightful part of the faire.

I’ve also asked some of the performers and cast for their reflections on the faire.

What does the Alabama Renaissance Faire mean to you?

The Alabama Renaissance Festival has been a part of our lives for a long time. When we talked about our family the Alabama Renaissance Festival is included.

Our first year there I remember a little guy in a monks costume with a big smile magically putting things together & creating a very unique renaissance festival. Without that little smiling monk & his band of merry helpers there would not be a Alabama Renaissance Festival.

We have done may festivals up & down the East Coast. The Alabama Renaissance Festival is the only one that has education so intertwined. When a festival asks me about involving schools or schools days I always refer them to the Alabama Renaissance Festival. They’ve got it perfected.

When we lost our youngest grandson the Alabama Renaissance Festival took us into their arms & let us know everything would be alright. We live in Cincinnati, Ohio but their warm feeling extended all the way.

Family is important & we are very fortunate to call the people of the Alabama Renaissance Festival part of our family

Jon & Lisa Butts
Menagerie Music

From 2005 ❖ Menagerie Music
Menagerie Music

The Alabama Renaissance faire runs Oct 22-23 in Florence, Al. official AL Ren Faire site
Renaissance Faire Pictorial Alabama Renaissance faire section.


~ by Chris on September 29, 2011.

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