ALRF 25 for 25th ~ Queen Ellianna Saori Minai na Tarnica

The twenty-fifth season of the Alabama Renaissance Faire is just weeks away. To celebrate the Silver Anniversary I’m counting down till festival weekend with a post a day reflecting back on the history of the faire.

Photo #4 ❖ 21 days till opening gate.

From 2009 ❖ Ellianna Saori Minai na Tarnica
The Alabama Faire has a rotating monarchy. Each year shortly before the faire, Gode Cookery prepares a fund raiser feast. The local commuinty attends the feast. Whoever gets the coin in their cake will be the monarch for next year’s faire. The new dubbed Monarch is involed in planning a theme for the next year’s faire. On the last day of faire the current Ruler yields the throne to the next ruler. See the 2009 exchange of the Crown here.

I have asked the former Monarchy that I could locate a few questions. Here is Queen Ellianna Saori Minai na Tarnica’s response.

Character name: Ellianna Saori Minai na Tarnica, but we mostly just called me Saori Minai because that’s the name of a character in a book that I wrote and sold at the 2009 Faire. “The Journey of the Nightisans.”

Year of Reign: 2008-2009. I died in a swordfight and got carried off by a nice pirate who offered to tote me away.

Theme: German. Black Plague. I even said all my speeches in German and had someone read an English translation.

How did it feel to be a Queen for a weekend?

Not to steal a line from Disney, but it was like a dream come true. I had been dreaming of it for eight years and had everything already planned out “just in case” I really got the coin. I got to speak German, eat German food, wear green, dance, swordfight, sing, crack jokes all weekend, and put people in the stocks (only to make them sing Rick Astley before I’d let ’em out.) I even got to die in a swordfight. I made instant guard costumes for all my 8th grade students so they could be my guards at the royal pavilion. I even sold my book at the faire. (It was inspired by the Renaissance faire and feast.)

Her Book

Note: The passing of the Queen picture is up for  Photo of the month at World of Rennies Please vote for my photo.

The Alabama Renaissance faire runs Oct 22-23 in Florence, Al. official AL Ren Faire site
Renaissance Faire Pictorial Alabama Renaissance faire section.

~ by Chris on October 1, 2011.

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