ALRF 25 for 25th ~ Gode Cookery

The twenty-fifth season of the Alabama Renaissance Faire is just a week away. To celebrate the Silver Anniversary I’m counting down till festival weekend with a post a day reflecting back on the history of the faire.

Photo #18 ❖ 7 days till opening gate.

Goode Cooks

From 2003 ❖ Gode Cookery

Gode Cookery prepares the Feast for the Renaissance Faire. The feast is a fundraiser for the Alabama Renaissance Faire. It features a menu of period authentic food and period entertainment. Held a week before the faire before the faire it also determines who will be the Monarch for the next year’s festival.

Gode Cookery

The Alabama Renaissance faire runs Oct 22-23 in Florence, Al. official AL Ren Faire site
Renaissance Faire Pictorial Alabama Renaissance faire section.

~ by Chris on October 15, 2011.

One Response to “ALRF 25 for 25th ~ Gode Cookery”

  1. Gode Cookery is one of the best things that ever happened to the AL Ren-Faire. Jim, Darrell, Tammy and the rest are really artists of the highest caliber when it comes to medieval/Renaissance cuisine. Their knowledge of the period is encyclopedic and is exceeded only by their skill and creativity in the kitchen. I’m always amazed at what they manage to do for us each year on basically a “shoe-string” budget. Huzzah to Gode Cookery! Here’s to 11 more years with them catering our feast!

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