ALRF 25 for 25th ~ Playing in The Fountain

To celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Alabama Renaissance Faire I’m counting down till festival weekend with a post a day reflecting back on the history of the faire.

Photo #20 ❖ 5 days till opening gate.

washing wenches

From 1994 ❖ Washing wenches in the fountain

From 2010 ❖ Sailing boats in the fountain

The Alabama Renaissance faire runs Oct 22-23 in Florence, Al. official AL Ren Faire site
Renaissance Faire Pictorial Alabama Renaissance faire section.

the 1994 pic were courtesy of my mother in law. this was the first year we attended the faire. I didn’t bring a camera for six more years.

~ by Chris on October 17, 2011.

One Response to “ALRF 25 for 25th ~ Playing in The Fountain”

  1. The women were washer wenches whom Queen Pamela II granted the right the charter a fullers’ (launderer’s) guild, which they did.

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