Tennessee Renaissance Festival week three!

It’s week three of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. I have not had time to blog on the festival or post many pictures here. I have added the first pages to the Renaissance Faire Pictorial. Plus a few on the facebook page. The baby is keeping us pretty busy so I’ve not shot as much as usual and had no time to process pics.
Very brief summary of faire so far. Opening day was pretty hot temp was 90. Sunday I got there maybe 20 minutes before the 4:10 rain show. Second weekend Saturday started off with rain. Caught an intimate Empty Hats set. It was raining enough to ruin the Musicians instruments so they moved to a covered location, the archery booth. It was the first set of the day and the archery area wasn’t busy yet so they asked to use part of the area. Music on one side archery on the other. They played just on the inside the target area and we watched from the archery stall. It worked out well. The sun finally appeared, and it was nice for most the day. About 4:30 the rain came back pretty hard. Sunday it rained most the day, I didn’t want to take the baby out so we stayed home.

One from today.
Server at Rolling Galley

~ by Chris on May 19, 2012.

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