Auditions for the The Old West Festival

Auditions for the 2012 The Old West Festival

When:  saturday June 9, Sunday July 1

Where: Old West Festival Grounds, Williamsburg, OH 45176

Format: We are looking to fill all roles, but have a specific need for the following:

Gamblers (We need a couple of these to staff a Parlor and have enough that they don’t have to spend the whole day in the hall)
Saloon Girls (Madam Gigi is taking her Can Can troupe with her, so we will need to have a few girls for this)
Melodrama Cast (We are redoing the melodrama and many of the recurring characters are no longer needed so we will be looking to cast the new ones)
Master of Ceremonies (for the Riding show)

It is important to note, that you are responsible for your own costuming, but the requirements are often fairly easy to meet without spending a lot of money. These positions are unpaid, and strictly volunteer, but are a lot of fun, and provide great improvisational experience

Event dates: Sept 8-October 7

Full Details at


~ by Chris on June 4, 2012.

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