Benefit CD for Owain Phyfe

from Cu Dubh’s Facebook page.

Check out this benefit CD for Owain Phyfe. As many of our faire family know he is battling cancer. We in Cu Dubh, as well as many other artists, contributed a track on this cd that is helping raise money for his medical expenses…Many artists don’t have medical insurance and this is one way that we can all help and at the same time get some exposure to other artists by buying a cd..please share with your friends…

For the benefit of Mr. Phyfe
A Little Help From His Friends Volume 1
Performed by: Various Artists
Purchase CD by clicking here

1. A La Una – Owain Phyfe
2. An Dro – The Rogues
3. Step It Out Mary – The Plunder Doggs
4. The Wandering Minstrels – Terry Griffith
5. Greensleeves – Michael Manderen
6. Scarborough Fair – Barby Holder
7. The Night Pat Murphy Died – Rogues of Rafferty
8. Blackbird – Captain John Stout
9. Dear Irish Boy – Judy Plester
10. Up the Heather Glen – Jim Hancock
11. Chasing Paradise – Scott Hendricks
12. Ja Nuns Hon Pris – Martha Gay
13. Wild Mountain Thyme – Naughty Bawdy Babes
14. Mjollnir – Cu Dubh
15. Si Par Souffrir – Concentio Agnorum
16. Health to the Company – Silent Lion
17. This Heart – Owain Phyfe & Jim Hancock

~ by Chris on August 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Benefit CD for Owain Phyfe”

  1. Please, by all means, continue purchasing this glorious music! But, it is with a sad and heavy heart that the Renaissance Faire Community bid farewell to our beloved Bard Owain on September 5th, 2012. Let his music live on!

  2. it saddened me to hear of his passing. Like you said Let his music live on!

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