Advice for working at a Renaissance Faire

I just found Festival Prose a blog with advice and stories about working at Renaissance Festivals.  Today they have an excellent informative article about how to get a job at a renaissance Festival by one of the Tortuga Twins.

 People often ask me how they should go about “running away and joining the circus” that is the Renaissance Festival. I am often asked for guidance, advice and tips on how to become a part of this wacky world. Today’s column is part one of a two-part series where I tell you how to find, secure and advance in employment in this unique working and living environment.

His full article

I’ve added this site to my blog roll on the right side bar. please visit them.

My FAQs page with advice links for working at or  starting a Renaissance Faire.

And finally The Tennessee Renaissance Festival starts this weekend. I will be at opening gate.

~ by Chris on May 2, 2013.

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