Help the Rennies: Faire shops closed due to corvid.

The Covid-19 virus has forced many Renaissance festivals to close entirely or shorten their seasons. The vendors and entertainers make their living working at festivals. They have now lost their income from those events. If there’s no show, the entertainers don’t get paid.
How can you Help?
1. By buying from them NOW. This page will contain a list of their online shops. Please buy some of their wares or place a tip in their online hat pass.
2. Once the faires open back up, be sure to tip extra or purchase more items than you usually do.

I made a page for covid-19 relief. This page is a listing of some of the festival participants worked the faires that are closed. This list is no where near complete and there are others sites working to help those affected.


Please help if you can.

More sites

~ by Chris on March 21, 2020.

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