No fair, There’s no faire.

There’s no Tennessee Renaissance Festival this year. Due to Covid-19 the faire is closed for the safety of the public. I love the faire and am very sad about this. I’m going to miss seeing all my friends. I going to miss the music and shows and finding cool stuff.

There is no physical festival but many acts are online. Many of the acts and vendors make most of their income from festivals. They are out of that income, so have taken to online stores and performances.

tn ren

Tn ren festival

I can’t go to faire but here’s what I can do.
1) Share photos from previous years.I may share pics daily or just on the weekends have decided yet.
2) I can make an online purchases to help supports vendors and performers.
3) I can share online shops and shows. I have a list of events for this weekend posted below. Here is a list of many on the festival’s vendors and acts. A list of festival Merchants and Online shows

Birds pf prey show GA Ren faire 2005

Ik the Troll

Paolo Garbanzo

Limited Engagements

Axel the Sot

Buckle and Swash

Shakespeare Approves with TN Ren guests

Julius Caesar: Beware the Ides of March of the Penguins! With Paolo Garbanzo and Captain Red Swash Rogers.

R&J Flying implements of Doom ( with Cap Red)

A Little Help

If you know of any more online shows list them in the comments.

What do you miss about faire? What will you buy online?


We have a ko-fi and a Venmo if you would like to buy us a coffee. Ok we’ll use it for glitter or fabric.

We have opened an online book store with book shop. Any sales from the store will help support us. If you are looking for something to read try here instead of that massive online store. The site is here on bookshop.

~ by Chris on May 16, 2020.

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