Gaming booth at Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

Wooden Game Boards

Every year you can find cool stuff at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. One the new booths this year is is Dragonfly’s Realm. They have Old World games, dice bags, and dice. These are game that were played during and before the Renaissance. Games include King’s table, Draughts, Mancala, and more.
These are not cardboard games. Dragonfly’s Realm game board are wood or fabric. The Fabric games are pouches that flatten into a playing board.

Pouched Games

The pouched games are the coolest thing. It’s a game and a bag that holds all the games pieces. The bag flattens out to reveal a printed game board. When the game is over use the drawstrings and close up the bag.

You pick a decorative bag with then have a choice of colors for games pieces depending on the game. The rules are on a rolled up scroll.

Pouched Game

My son picked Kono he like how they demo’ed that game. The rules are simple capture you opponents pieces. But you can only move by jumping over your pieces or if no jump is available slide into an empty square. The game ends when someone is down to one piece or they are blocked and cannot move.

Dice and Dice bags.

They also have dice and dice sets. They have traditional sets, metal dice, novelty dice, 100 sided dice. sets. They even sell dice bags. The bags come in various colors and designs. Ours came with some d6s for lairs dice.

Dice bag.
Interior of bag

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival has one more weekend. If you are going check out Dragonfly’s Realm. They are near the Hammerbeam pub just past the Fairy Wing booth.

Interior of some pouched games

~ by Chris on May 24, 2022.

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