About the Renaissance Faire Pictorial BLOG

Welcome to Renaissance Faire Pictorial blog. Renaissance Faire pictorial.com is now in its eleventh season. The site began as a project to learn photography and web design. I had been attending festivals since 1994 but the October 2000 was the first time I took a camera with the intent of posting picture to the web. Not only do I post images of the faires, I also lists entertainment and vendors of each show with many links. Plus I run calendar pages for faires I cannot attend.
I traveled to the Alabama Renaissance Festival with an acting troupe with the intent to capture the Chess match on film. That trip was the start of renaissance faire pictorial.
The site has grown from a “vanity” site that was part of the Internet service providers kit to its own Domain. I’ve traveled to faires in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky. In 2010 to celebrate TNRF 25th Anniversary I ran a retrospective on this blog. I ran a similar event for the Silver Anniversary of the Alabama Renaissance Faire a year later.
Please drop by a give me your thought on renaissance faires.

What say ye?

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